Monday, 17 April 2017

Life: Do I Go To Uni?

This is a very different post to what I am used to writing. But I wanted to mix it up a bit, instead of rambling on about my most used makeup products. As much as I love chatting about beauty, I thought I would get a little bit deeper and talk about real life events. So we are starting with that dreaded question... Do I go to Uni?

For me personally I just knew Uni wasn't for me, I am a very 'home' person, I love my home comforts, and I love being in a place where I feel comfortable. The thought of Uni scared me so much. I didn't like a subject THAT much that I wanted to study it further. At college I studied sports coaching, fitness and development. Don't get me wrong I did like college, but more for the social side, the actual course, I didn't. So thats when I knew I didn't want to study it further.

My greatest advice to you is don't let someone tell you what to do, if you want to go then go, if you don't then thats fine too. You need to decide if you need to go, if you want to go and you can physically go. I know for me, I would find it so hard actually stepping into a lecture. Do what you want, don't just go because all your friends are going, or your parents want you to go and still go even though maybe a partner isn't going and you feel like your relationship won't work. It will work, if it's meant too. Everything happens for a reason.

I think Uni is great if you know what you want to study and you need to go for the dream job. I have great respect for you, if you are reading this thinking you actually know what you want to do in life. Most of my friends from college and school are at Uni, and it is hard sometimes when they are miles and miles away. But you can always go and see them and they will come home too. It's not that bad, because you will find where you want to go if you don't go to Uni. You might get a job and earn some money and save up for something like a car, house or even go travelling. You might just go travelling and explore the world, or get an apprenticeship, there are lots of different options.

Also, what you are thinking now... everyone has thought. So you aren't on your own. I hope this has helped you, even if it's only helped one person reading this, then it was worth it. Comment below saying if you liked this more life related post, obviously I'm going to still carry on with my beauty posts. But if you want these as extra posts or tell me... You might of hated it, and don't want me to write one ever again. But if you do, leave me a few topics!

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